Gina Hodge-Noordhof


Gina Noordhof started her career as an entrepreneur/ restauranteur from the young age of 22 years. Opening the Norseman seasonally in 1996 & attending university to achieve a couple of science degrees from Memorial university during the winter and fall months. In the beginning of the business year's , Gina employed a chef from the Netherlands, who prepared lovely dishes such as; Nasi Gourang, bakeapple strudel, baked local cod in a bread crusted creamy dijon mustard, garlic, roasted local lamb etc.. In 1998, Gina met her husband Adrian and together they went North and ran the restaurant. Two sons and 25 years later, Gina and Adrian have continued to operate their seasonal business and now their eldest son is old enough to work with them during the summer in L'Anse aux Meadows. Their youngest son operates a sea shell shop next to the restaurant.


In the fall and winter, the  Noordhof family live in St Johns. They love to travel mostly to European countries.  In the off season, Gina writes Children's books and comes up with innovative ideas for parents, grandparents and children .


Check out this weblink to see some of the lovely, useful products they now offers. "The Puffin playing by the Sea" book is a Canadian best seller selling over 23,000 copies in 4 years. The "Whiz Kid trainer" is a new product that was launched on December 24th, 2020. Unfortunately, Gina & Adrian missed the Christmas season sales for the product, mostly because of Covid related  delays, such as;  shipping, production, manufacturing, banking and lockdowns, etc . Fortunately they were able to sell 50 units even after all the circumstances,  with orders coming from as far away as Anchorage, Alaska . Gina and Adrian hope to sell lots more  of their new product starting in August 2021 when the skating season starts again and this pandemic is in the past.

Gina has also sat on various tourism boards as a member of the board or as president. One board that she sat between 2006-2012 was The Canadian Tourism Commission now named Destination Canada. Gina was a federally appointed member and a representative to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on this national board that operated out of Vancouver..

In 2004, Gina won an entrepreneur of the year award from NLOWE.