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Adrian Noordhof

Head Chef - Adrian Noordhof has always loved to cook, as far back as when he was a child. The Norseman has been opened for 25 years and Adrian has been here for 23 years of them. He is well read about cuisine and wine, he spends his winter months coming up with new ideas and dishes. Adrian's friends feel very fortunate to be guinea pigs at his many dinner parties. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University, an electrical degree from CONA, Canadian securities courses, and two of the three sommelier courses. Adrian is a very capable individual with a natural and self taught ability to be able to prepare fine cuisine. He is a very likeable and friendly person. Together with his wife Gina they are proud owners of The Norseman Restaurant and Gallery and Annie's Retreat Vacation Rentals, and Valhalla Bed & Breakfast in  Gunner's Cove. 

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